Writer’s Block… The Unthinkable Solution

So, after a long hiatus from the strip and some initial writer’s block, I decided to return this year and renew my love for this art form. At the approach of the end of 2015, I embarked on a storytelling journey that led to me creating a 7 week buffer of comics that I would release at the start of the new year. The plan was to continue with this buffer as I moved into 2016. But, alas, personal issues plagued me and I was unable to continue as planned. Don’t worry, I am not stopping the strip again anytime soon. I just have to step up now that I have caught up to my buffer, with only two weeks left.

Writer’s Block Solved

The problem was that after another long absence from creating the strip, I had another case of writer’s block and nothing seemed to help. Going out with friends, creating new experiences for me to make observations, changing my scenery… nothing was working. It was then I tried the unthinkable. I drew a strip before I had an idea of what it was about. You read that right, I drew the strip before I wrote it. And it worked.

I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t work right away, but it worked. By drawing out my characters in ways I thought would make a strip interesting and funny, I was able to derive a narrative to cure my writer’s block. This is not a technique of creating a comic strip that I would continue to use as a tried a true method, but I will certainly use it as a way to cure my writer’s block in the future.

While this method of overcoming writer’s block is specific to the creation of comics, there is a wealth of information out there for writers. Check out this article which deals more in depth about a variety of methods of overcoming the scourge of writer’s block.

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