Cartoon Marketing

Humour is infectious, therefore, cartoons, are a great way to advertise your business. Comic strips will deliver your message in a thoughtful and entertaining way that will leave a lasting positive impression on your audience. They are highly effective and reach a wide scope of readers. Considering that it is such a familiar art form, it is guaranteed to be read.

For $100 we can create something as simple as a 1 panel, black and white comic to enhance a newsletter, or for $300, we will create a  full colour, multi-panel comic on a postcard advertising how you can help, or we can discuss anything in between.

For the full colour, multi-panel strips any additional graphic design required (to say complete a second side of a postcard) are included within these fees.

If you are looking to create a series of ongoing comics, we can negotiate a suitable payment structure.

Still wondering if this is right for you?
Take a gander at these examples:


Caricature of Larry Kich


Guelph Fitness training logo

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