Graphic Design

Looking to start a new business or re-thinking your current one? I understand that your brand is the gut feeling people get when they think of your business and that feeling stems from how your conduct your business on a daily basis. My focus is to understand what your brand is so that I can craft a brand identity that reinforces that feeling. Whether it’s your logo, business card or any other media, print or web, it all has to convey the same message. Your message.

The fees for graphic design run a huge range which all depends on the project and the work it will require. The fees for each individual project will be discussed ahead of time to ensure that we are all on the same page. Know that each project will be calculated using the standard fee of $75/hour and that I will quote you the total, which will include a complete scope of work, before moving forward.

Looking to see if my design skills are up to snuff?
Here are some examples of my graphic work:


Worker Placement Box Covers

Childrens Foundation logo

Fat Cats Logo

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